It’s all about love.

Today’s post is all about love. And not just because it’s Valentine’s Day. This world we live in was created for love. The birds and the bees, the flowers and the trees… all made because of love.

You see, we have this great God who, though accompanied by His Son and His Spirit (who I like to think of as the woman/wife in the picture) and attended by all the hosts of angels which He made to serve Him, realized He had too much love to give and not enough “people” to give it to. So He decided to make something.

“Wisdom,” He said to His wife, “I think I’ll put a fountain in My garden today.” It was a sea of black with a big round ball floating at its center.

How often do we get to feeling like we need something more? Everything’s fine, but there’s just this energy inside of us that needs to be let out. Some of us bake. Others take up scrapbooking or painting or join the PTO. But God, He’s a craftsman.

He looked out at His kingdom and found the perfect spot for His new masterpiece; and then He got to work. He motioned with His finger for the globe to spin.

“Hmm. Looks too dark. I want to make something bright and cheery. How about some light?” But as the light shown on His fountain, God noticed the water was getting caught up in itself in some places.

“Looks like I need to separate the waters somehow. All right, sky, do your thing,” and fluffy clouds began to form all around the ball of water.

At this point His wife Wisdom came up (the Spirit, that is). And you know how we women are… “That’s a nice fountain, Dear.” A pause. “But, I don’t know, I think it’s missing something.”

So God stood there for a moment, contemplating what details He might add.

“Aha!” With His hands, He pulled all the water to one spot and ordered dry ground to appear. Then He stepped back and smiled as a new idea crept into His mind.

“What this thing needs is some color. Land, produce vegetation. I want some roses here, a big oak tree over there. Now, plants, be fruitful. Very good.” And then He got a little carried away.

He made lights of various sizes and created time. He brought life to the sea, sent birds flying through the air, told the land to make animals. He made a mate for every creature and ordered them to multiply.

“What do you think, Son?” He asked as His only child approached.

“Mother wants to know when You’re coming to dinn- Whoa! That’s neat!”

“Come on, Son, there’s one last thing I want to do before the banquet. You can help me.”

“What is it, Father?”

“Let’s make a man that looks like one of us. Then he can watch over everything while we’re away. Grab a handful of that dirt right there. Good. Now sprinkle some water on so we can mold it.” He played with the clay for a moment. “All right. What do you think?”

“He looks just like You, Father! But… Why isn’t he moving?”

The sculptor scooped up his doll, bent down slightly, and blew His breath into the little man’s nostrils. Just then Wisdom called from the dining hall, “Yahweh!”

“Coming, Dear.” He gently placed the man in a beautiful garden, gave him some quick instructions put His Son up on His shoulders, and ran to the banquet hall laughing.

After dinner, God decided to check on His masterpiece. “Adam must be having such a good time,” He thought, “naming all the animals and sampling all the delicious fruits I made for him!”

But when He got to the fountain, the man looked unhappy.

“Adam, what’s wrong?”

“Oh, Master, this world You’ve made is just beautiful, and the creatures are amazing! But I feel…empty…like I’m all alone,”  Adam replied.

“Have you spoken with the apes?”

“Yes, Sir. They’re a comedic bunch.”

“The lion?”

“Great wrestler!”

“And still you feel alone?”

Adam nodded, and God frowned.

“I’m sorry, Your Majesty, I know I should be grateful. I never should have said anything. I -”

“Hush, child. I’m glad you did. I wouldn’t want my greatest masterpiece to be downtrodden. Besides, I know just what to do!” The King’s excitement began to grow as He spoke of His plan.

“You say you’re lonely, and I know why: You are the only one of your kind. Here I Am, with a wife and child, fulfilled beyond belief, and I made you as a solitary man. Your joy can never be complete that way.

“So here is what I’m going to do: You’re going to take a nap, and while you’re sleeping, I’ll take a part of your side and form around it some more clay. I’ll seal up the wound in your body, and when you awake there will be a marvelous surprise waiting for you!” The Maker’s eyes twinkled as He prepared a bed of soft leaves for the man.

“All right, Adam, it’s time to lay down.”

Slowly the man climbed onto the mound of leaves. He laid down, made himself comfortable, then sat straight up. “Will it… hurt?” he asked sheepishly.

“Nonsense,” God replied lovingly. “Go to sleep.”

How many of us, as parents, can identify with the Maker’s role at this point? The author of Genesis states matter-of-factly that, “God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep.” Now, we all know it can’t have been that easy. Here’s a man less than a day old – an emotional toddler. And we all know what it’s like to put a toddler to bed. How often can you tell him to go to bed and he just does? Next to never. And since we know that God doesn’t impose His will on men, I’m guessing it was the same way with Adam. Sure, he was obedient, but the guy wanted a bedtime story to ease his fears!

So God got the man to sleep and grabbed a chunk out of his side. He set aside the rib, closed up the empty space with flesh, and formed another human around the piece of Adams side. Only this time He did things a little differently. instead of giving the doll hard, strong muscles, He made her soft and curvy. Then He took her to the man and woke him up.

“Adam, meet your mate.”

Adam was dumbstruck. His jaw gaping, he looked the gorgeous creature up and down. He circled her slowly, noting a sensation he never could have imagined, which effected both his mind and his body. When he was finally able to speak, Adam said, “I’ll call you ‘woman’, since we were made from the same flesh.”

She smiled, knowing without a doubt that this man was indeed the reason she lived, and replied with, “And I’ll call you ‘my man’.”

The two embraced, kissed deeply, and reunited their flesh.

The Maker chuckled with pleasure at the sight of his completed work of art. He pulled Wisdom and the Son closer to Himself, and His heart swelled.

Love. The world we live in was created for love. The very last step God took to complete His work was to bestow the gift of romance on the first man and woman. He wanted them to know what it felt like to love unconditionally. He even designed them with the right equipment to be able to create their own children, so that they could experience the ultimate form of love and understand how their Father felt about them.

And when they later disobeyed Him, their punishment pained Him so much that He arranged for His own Son to pay the price for all future sin. What greater love could there possibly be?


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