An update on Eli for those following me on Facebook

No meltdowns so far today!

Instead, he has spent the last hour doing a combined english/art assignment and is now on a self-prescribed recess, after which he plans to return and complete his assignment.

What changed?

We told him he didn’t have to go to school, but that not going today means he’ll be homeschooled. We said he could go if he wanted to say goodbye to friends and still be able to be homeschooled.

He chose to stay home.

Apparently, this isn’t withdrawal so much as it is the anxiety of constant bullying, which the drugs he was on succeeded at masking. An anxiety so strong that he would rather never see his beloved teacher or best friend again than have to go back even for one day. (We’ll arrange for him to see them again anyway, but without the stress of having to stay a whole day.) An anxiety that he couldn’t tell us about because he was convinced that it was just a symptom of his mental illness, and since the medicine helped, his feelings must have been invalid.

This is why we have taken them off their meds. This is why we will continue to educate and raise them according to our convictions, rather than according to society’s ideals.

I’m getting my babies back. =)


2 thoughts on “An update on Eli for those following me on Facebook

  1. What wonderful news!!! We have also made the decision to homeschool and are completely comfortable with doing things our way. I’m so happy you are doing what is right for your family and not what everyone else thinks is right! Stay Strong!

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