Overhauling My Life by the Handful

As the new year approaches (all too quickly, I might add) I am in the process of a pretty major overhaul – the house is getting rearranged, the schedule is being made new, our family goals have changed, I’ve gotten a pretty clear word on how exactly I am meant to serve the Lord (through writing), and I’m striving to get healthier again (despite my newly-discovered esophageal condition and our current lack of grocery money)… Lots of changes in the works!

But, while I know I want/need to be writing more and blogging at least weekly, I’m having trouble determining how to best overhaul the blog and its facebook page. So I’m asking for feedback.

  • Is there a topic you’d like me to post about?
  • Should I begin a daily discussion on fb?
  • How many of you would be interested in an advice-column-styled series? And would you be willing to submit anonymous questions?
  • I’ve found I can’t just blog about mommyhood. So should I rename the page something like “Life by the Handful” or run separate blogs for family life, weightloss, special needs, etc? (That sounds like a lot of work!)
  • Are there any blog hops that you think I should join in on, either to get the word out more about your own page or just because you’d like to hear my input?
  • Should I just give up the blog completely?

As you can see, my mind is mush about all this, so any ideas/answers/advice/criticism/virtual hugs are more than welcome!

Have a happy day =)


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