Fall FSC Week 3

Is this really the third week of our challenge? The time is going so quickly!

As I sat down to write this post, I realized that I’m feeling a bit discouraged about the whole FSC thing. A couple of my goals are going great, and I’m sure the fitness aspect will come when my health returns, so that part of it is okay. But it’s not the Fresh Start itself that is getting me down.

What then? Well, while many people have shown an interest leading up to this month or when first hearing about the challenge, there simply has not been a great response. I’m left wondering: Is it worth it?

Don’t get me wrong. I love you guys to pieces! I just don’t want to be wasting my time or yours on a series that you aren’t getting anything out of. I will not be quitting on my goals, regardless of the outcome of these posts, but running this here blog takes a lot of time and focus away from everything else (like sleep). And since life as a mom of many requires me to be spread pretty thin pretty much all the time, time is a precious commodity. Especially the hour between 10 or 11pm when the kids finally crash and 6am when I have to get up and start all over, which is when I do all my blogging, planning, and sleeping.

So your homework for this week is to help me decide whether or not to continue this series for the full 6 weeks. Are you reading these posts? Do you want there to be more of them? Is Get Fit Friday helpful to you in any way? Or would you rather I stick to writing about the usual stuff I cover as it comes to me? Comment with your thoughts. Or don’t, which will be an answer in and of itself.

Depending on how many replies I get, I might be back for GFF. Or I might just catch you on facebook. Until then, be blessed!


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