Get Fit Fri, er, Saturday

Hulloo, everybody. Time for a slightly overdue installment of the Fall 2012 FSC.

I apologize for the delay on the post, and (in advance) for the negative tone I will likely come across with today.

Getting fit is pretty much impossible when you’re lying in bed feeling like death. And since I’m just barely able to sit upright at the moment, this post will be brief.

After a week of my current workout plan, I’ve realized that I’m not quite as out of shape as I thought. Hooray for small miracles!! So I’m upping almost everything by a few reps. Here’s the plan for this week:

75 Crunches (25 upon waking, 25 midday, and 25 before bed)
20 reverse crunches (10 upon waking, midday)

10 twist crunches (each side)
15 oblique crunches (each side)
15 lying leg lifts (each side)
10 squats

20 arm  curls (10 to target biceps and 10 to target triceps)
10 lateral raises
10 military press
10 french curls/lifts (each side)
10 standing knee raises (each side)
10 standing leg lifts (each side)

Cardio – at least 30min weekly

I’m also continuing to eat as healthily as possible on our very tight budget and am doing my best to stay active throughout the day. The little things like walking back and forth through the house to take permanent markers from toddlers, having tickle fights with the kidlets, and carrying my own ridiculously heavy loads of laundry definitely add up to extra calorie burn – especially when you’re used to sitting around nursing a baby all day long. So I’m embracing as much of that movement as I can =)

Again, I apologize for my lack of motivation and encouragement this week. Between my over-the-top premenstrual symptoms and this bug that decided to attack without warning, I just haven’t had much to give. Pray for me, please!

I hope to be back in full throttle mode by next week, but in the meantime…

Love and blessings,


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