We’ve made it through week one of the Fall Fresh Start Challenge.


Some of us (you) are sure to have done better at sticking to our goals than others (me). But who cares? We’re here. We did it! And progress is all that matters.

Here’s mine (progress, that is):

Eh. Hard to say at this point. I haven’t been exercising as much as I’d like, thanks to some crazy hormonal swings that serve to warn me of the coming visit from my least favorite aunt and a bunch of grumpy, clingy kids who must be fighting off a bug. I’ll let you know how this week goes.

I have been spending a lot of time trying to figure out exactly what routines and schedules will work best for us, now that the constant appointments we’ve gotten used to are out of the picture. I’ve made up some new planner pages for myself (which I’d love to share with you if I could figure out how) and am working on a way to simplify the process. For now, it’s taking more time than it’s saving, but I know it will be worth it in the end.

I got my desk cleaned off. That is all.

Last Wednesday, a meeting was held to discuss what further services we needed to have in place to manage Zeke’s myriad of psychiatric diagnoses. In attendance were the CASSP coordinator, a caseworker from Children & Youth,  a rep from the insurance company, our family based therapy team and their coordinator, our case manager from MH/MR, the clinician that worked with Zeke while he was at KidsPeace last month, and (of course) the hot Peruvian and I. Their goal was to arrange a crazy-long list of mental health services fro my son. Our goal was to tell them, “We don’t need no stinkin’ services!” Well,  maybe not in so many words.

Needless to say, I was nervous! (Have I mentioned lately how much I dislike being the center of attention IRL?) But we were prepared. The hot Peruvian and I had sat down more than once to go over what things we feel we are being led to do. And I wrote a (very good, if I say so myself) letter outlining our statement and plan.

Still, I fretted. What if they don’t accept our statement? What if CYS decides to call it neglect? What if ending all these “theraputic” things causes the insurance to close our file?

Silly me! It was fine. While everyone was caught a little off-guard, and one person did try to sneak in a little doubt, our reasoning and plan were received positively overall. The family based supervisor guy even complimented us on the letter. And now?

Now it’s over. We close with family based – who, incidentally, are one of the two (out of too many) providers who have actually been good for our family – on the 16th. Everything else other than bimonthly med checks is already done with.

And we’ve found an amazing ministry with weekly gatherings that we will definitely be frequenting. So this goal is going great!

Your homework for this week is to reevaluate your goal(s). First, don’t assume that just because I set 4 you have to, too. Setting one goal is plenty; I just like to set myself up for failure pretend to be an overachiever. Keep track of how you’re doing. That’s what the journal is for. If you’re having a hard day, write it down. If you’re having an awesome day and feel like you can take on the world, write it down. If you just kinda feel blah and don’t really have any motivation to do anything, tell your journal; then get off your butt and move!

Tips for Beating the Blahs

1. Drink a glass of water. The colder the better.

2. Put your thoughts on paper. What’s making you feel this way?

3. Laugh! Make a silly face at the person in the mirror, play with a toddler, watch an episode of AFV on Netflix…

4.  Take a walk.

5. Clean. Choose an area of the house that will actually look clean when you’re done for instant gratification.

6. Eat a well-balanced snack. Try combining 1 serving of protein with 1 serving of a fruit or veggie. If you have been or are planning to burn a lot of energy, add in a small serving of a carb. Think an apple and some cheese, or oatmeal with raisins and milk, or 2 ounces of chicken with a small salad.

7. Pray. Or meditate.

8. Crank up the volume! Listening to up-beat music can boost your energy level and improve your mood.

(Oh, poo! Now I don’t have an excuse for being lazy. And neither do you.)

Your Turn!
How has your week gone? Are you doing well with the goals you set for yourself? Are they too hard? Too easy? Let me know in the comments, or if you’re a blogger, link up!

Have a happy Wednesday!


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