Menu Plan Monday

It is 9pm on Monday, and I’m just now getting to this. Kinda tells you how my last few days have been, huh?




Hectic. Crazy. Full of life.


But even in the chaos (or, perhaps, especially), God is showing His love through the simpleness of less – less fighting, less meltdowns, less moments of feeling lost or like a failure – and the joy of more – more togetherness, more moments of bonding, more self-regulation.


God is good!


Irish Oats & bananas
boiled eggs, toast, & fruit
cold cereal & eggs
banana breakfast cake
apple cinnamon oatmeal
kitchen sink cookies & milk
cheesy grits & fruit

crock pot chicken & wild rice (never got around to it last week)
roast pork, red taters, carrots
arroz con pollo
peanut butter & jelly
baked tilapia, spinach, & corn bread
leftover buffet

Lunches will again consist solely of leftovers, excluding today, when I made rice cooker mac-n-cheese, stir-fried steak w/ onion and bell pepper, and corn with stewed tomatoes.


Well, that’s all folks!


Don’t forget to tune in Wednesday for the Fall Fresh Start Challenge, week 2.


Have a happy Tuesday!


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