Get Fit Friday

I have a confession:

I have done nothing this week.

Well, not nothing, per say, but no exercising beyond the daily grind of chasing after a toddler and a preschooler while attending appointments and preparing meals and such.

I have thought about it. (That’ll shrink my thighs, for sure!) In fact, I’ve even craved it. Crunches at least – I used to have a hot and heavy love affair with them, doing at least 1000 a day.

And yet I’ve ignored the craving every time. Why? Well, there’s the kids, and the time constraints, and the embarrassment factor while the hot Peruvian is home, and my never-ending list of chores that rarely get done, and the extra letter-writing and appointments that we don’t usually have to deal with… But, if I am honest with myself (and you), it’s really just been a lack of motivation. A failure to prioritize my own health over the mundaneness of life.

In other words, I suck.

But that’s okay! Because there’s always tomorrow.

Until then, let’s share our fitness plans. Here’s mine:

50 crunches (25 when I wake and 25 before bed)

10 twist crunches (each side)
10 oblique crunches
10 reverse crunches
10 lying leg lifts
5 squats

20 arm  curls (10 to target biceps and 10 to target triceps)
5 lateral raises
5 military press
5 french curls/lifts
10 standing knee raises
5 standing leg lifts

Cardio – at least 30min weekly

It doesn’t sound like much, but it is for me. (Except the crunches. Have I mentioned that I love crunches.) I’m also using Defining Gel daily to help tone my fattiest areas and to comfort any sore muscles that develop. I’ve applied it to the most swollen parts of my legs  in the past and even had the hot Peruvian use it as lube for a backrub once. Let me tell you, this stuff is magical!

So now it’s your turn. What are you planning to do for the next 6 weeks?

Remember these?

Huh? What’s what? The big reveal, you ask?

Oh, silly me! I almost forgot.

At the end of our Fresh Start Challenge, I will be giving away a FREE Ultimate Body Applicator to one very lucky lady (or dude, if any should happen to join us).

How do you win? Give it your all. This challenge isn’t just about weight loss or achieving specific goals; it’s about doing our best to be the people we want to be. So, on November 13th, I will choose the person who has shown the most enthusiasm and positivity, either by linking up to a personal blog or commenting on my posts regularly. Pretty simple, huh?

Now, back to the task at hand…

Today I invite you to share your stats. That is, your current weight and/or measurements of your target areas. I encourage you to take at least one before picture. Edit it to include the date and any stats you’re working to change. Like this:

Yeah, not flattering, but it was like 11pm, so whatever.

That makes it totally clear what we need to work on.

And then what?
Besides just exercising, I find that it helps me to keep a journal of what I eat. I don’t itemize calories or carbs, but I do jot down what I ate and how much. For example, at supper tonight, I had a little over a cup of tuna alfredo, a few spears of broccoli, and at least 16 ounces of water. So my notebook looks something like the following.

Supper:         1½ C  tuna alfredo
1C       broccoli

I used to keep track of how much water I drank, too. These days, though, I probably drink closer to my actual body weight in water, which could explain why so many of my facebook posts are made while in the bathroom. If drinking enough is an issue for you, definitely jot it down. I stand by the old method of dividing your body weight in half, then changing “pounds” to “ounces” and drinking at least that much water every day.

Another idea, if overeating, binge eating, or under eating are of concern, is to journal your emotional state surrounding the food you consume. This week I’m PMSing like crazy, so I talked myself into making potato candy for the kids’ afternoon snack today. Not a great idea health-wise, but there’s also nothing wrong with treating your psyche every once-in-a-while. Many days, however, eating anything at all seems like a chore. Keeping tabs on the reasons behind my food choices has enabled me to take a little more control of when, what, and how much I eat at any given time.

As I typed that last sentence, my sweet 18 month old fussed a little, and I realized it is almost tomorrow already. So I am off  until morning, and I can’t wait to read about what you all are doing!

Happy Friday!!


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