A Fresh Start for Fall

The first day of our Fall Fresh Start Challenge!


Why am I so excited?

Well, for one, I’ve got weight to lose, and that is one big aspect of the challenge. Secondly, I know at least a few of my favorite fellow facebookers (say that 5 times fast) will be joining me on this journey. Also, during my too-long absence from the blog world, the hot Peruvian and I have made some big decisions and huge changes in every area of our life, and I can’t wait to share and grow along with you. Last, but certainly not least, one special reader will earn a prize at the end of the FSC – my very first giveaway!

So here’s the basic run-down of how it’s all gonna work:

On Mondays, I’ll be linking up with the Organization Junkie for her Menu Plan Mondays, as well as giving you your homework for the week.

Yikes! Homework?

Well how in the world could you expect to see any results, unless you actually do something?

On Wednesdays, I’ll be posting about all things fresh-start-related, often touching on my personal goals that don’t necessarily relate to weight loss. I’ll use these posts to summarize my goals, successes and failures, and whatever has been motivating me lately. Fresh Start Challenge Wednesdays will also bring back the blog hop that we did briefly. The more the merrier!

And to kick off the weekend, we’ll have Get Fit Fridays, which I think is pretty self-explanatory. This Friday will be extra fun, as I’ll be announcing the contest rules and a prize. Depending on the turnout and feedback, I may add a link-up for this, too.

But now, without further ado, my family’s menu for this week:


oatmeal w/ cinnamon & brown sugar, apples
blueberry scones
egg tacos
cold cereal
steel cut oats w/ maple syrup
biscuits & gravy

pot roast
beef stew (from leftovers)
chicken in mushroom sauce over wild rice blend
tuna alfredo
mega salad & homemade bread
beans & rice

All lunches will be leftovers.

No, it’s not all “health food,” but it will all be homemade (except the tuna alfredo). And that’s a pretty big accomplishment these days – especially for a family of 8 with special needs kids thrown into the mix!

Planning your meals out at least a few days in advance is great for a lot of reasons.

  • It allows greater control over what and how much you’re eating around the clock and throughout the week.
  • It cuts down on the number of times per week that you realize it’s 5pm, and proceed to have a panic attack, because you haven’t thawed anything out, you’re out of milk for cereal, and dry beans take too long to cook.
  • It saves money that would otherwise be wasted on nights when the only way to ease said panic attack is to call for takeout.
  • Ask me how I know.

Homework Time!
Today ‘s homework is pretty easy. I want you to get a notebook (or a fancy journal, if you prefer), write the words “Fresh Start” and today’s date on the first page, and set a goal (or three). Are you trying to…

  • Get down to your pre-pregnancy weight?
  • Fit into a favorite holiday dress?
  • Feel more energetic?
  • Lower your BMI?
  • Make your ex jealous at the Christmas party?
  • Spend more active time with your kids?
  • Get in shape for a marathon?

Write it down! And be as specific and determined as possible. For instance, instead of writing, “I want to be lighter before Thanksgiving,” put down, “I will lose 15 pounds by November 21, 2012.” Sure, you know what you’re saying either way. But a few years down the road, when a friends wants advice on how to get healthier, it will be nice to look back and remember exactly how you did it.

Your goals don’t have to be limited to weight loss, either! Is there another habit you want to begin? One that you’re trying to break? Write that down, too. While FSC’s Mondays and Fridays will be focused on diet and exercise, Wednesdays can be about anything you’d like!

Also, try to come up with an idea of what exercises you want to do by Friday. Your plan should include cardio, strength training/toning, lots of stretching, and anything else that makes you feel good. I’ll be sharing all my answers, and the floor will be open if you should want the extra accountability, too.

As always, be blessed and have a happy day!


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