Life As a Victim… of the Mental Health System of “Services”


This morning, Isaiah and Eli simultaneously became hostile. Since it is Saturday, our usual counselor is unavailable. After calling our parents to help with the littles while Alex and I restrained the two big boys, I called the crisis number to request help. Their reply?

“Our policy says that if your children are being aggressive, we can’t send anyone out.”

I explained that we are a family in crisis, the purpose of the crisis center is to assist people in the midst of a psychological crisis. I assured him we could keep his workers out of harm’s way, that the children have never been aggressive with outsiders and would likely calm upon the arrival of any help, that all we were asking for was someone other than us to help the kids talk through these hard emotions. He stood his ground, repeating the “policy”.

I told the boys this. They agreed to stay calm so that someone could come out and talk to them. I called back to request a counselor again. Their reply? “Okay, if they’re *really* calm, I can send someone out. But you need to understand that, if the boys become agitated in any way, my people will turn right around and go home.”

After 30 minutes, he called back: “Hi, Kathy? There have been reports of really bad weather… I’m not going to be able to send a crisis worker to your home… If things continue, you can call an EMT…”

Translation? “I’m sorry that your family is having problems. Why don’t you call an ambulance, who will probably contact the police for assistance, then argue with them for half an hour about what a bad mother you are, only to have them cart your children away to the emergency room, where you will have to convince the doctors that your children are, in fact ill, just so they can be transported by another ambulance to a facility designed to treat your children to a highly-medicated vacation, just so you can go through it all again in a few months.”

THIS is why hurting children become hurtful adults.

This is why God chose my family to go through this, so I can bring an awareness to the reality of family life with mental illness.

And this is why I am studying both psychology and the justice system.



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