Hello again!


Taking a break from the social internet for the second half of July was a good idea. It allowed me to not feel guilty about not tending to my online family. However, it did not produce the desired results. I ended up with a week-long stomach bug, and the kids’ emotional state has been iffy. I think the summer chaos has really taken its toll on all of us.

So, while I’ll still be skimping on my interwebs obligations for a while, I am also beginning to add some structure to our lives. Which will hopefully mean that I can get back into a regular writing routine soon. Which means any upcoming FSC posts should actually have a post in them. Yay!

In the mean time, I thought I’d fill you in on my current fitness regimen. Seeing as I have exactly 10 weeks as of yesterday (August 1) until the hot Peruvian and I celebrate the 11th anniversary of our friendship, I’ve decided to set a new goal:

I want to fit comfortably into a size 16/18 dress or the hot outfit of my choosing.

I realize this seems to contradict my recent declaration of “I wills,” however, this year’s anniversary has the potential to be extra special.

Because this year (if all the legalities get ironed out in time) we will be getting MARRIED on our anniversary! So, yeah, I need to be in good enough shape to get away with wearing something ivory-ish and lacy. And if the legalities don’t get ironed out in time? Well, then at least I’ll be that much closer to leaving the obese label behind. See? Win-win.

And now, without further ado, my new routine. (I may call things by the wrong name, since I’m clearly not a fitness expert, so feel free to correct me. Any weight-training exercises will be done using either light weights or canned food.)


Week 1 (August 1-7)
5 each of the following daily:

crossover crunches (each side)
oblique crunches
reverse crunches 
side leg lifts
lower leg forward lifts
triceps dips
bicep curls
lateral raises
military press
french curls/lifts
standing knee raises
standing side leg lifts
(I think this has some ballet name. Anybody know what I’m talking about?)
minutes of stretching

Week 2 (August 8-14)
7 each

Week 3 (August 15-21)
10 each

Week 4 (August 22-28)
13 each

Week 5 (August 29-September 4)
15 each

Week 6 (September 5-11)
16 each

Week 7 (September 12-18)
17 each

Week 8 (September 19-25)
18 each

Week 9 (September 26-October 2)
19 each

Week 10 (October 3-9)
20 each

So there ya have it, my plan for getting fit. It’s pretty simple but plenty considering my not-so-lofty goal and the amount of time I have to put into such things. I will also be continuing to eat healthy and will use ItWorks shtuff from time to time. And I gonna try to get more sleep, too.

I had been planning to offer up a challenge on my Naturally Slim Facebook page. But the August first came and went, and the page was deleted without my knowledge. I still haven’t heard back from Facebook about why they removed it. So I think I’ll try to get something going for September, instead. Let me know if you’re interested, as the number of people who respond will determine how elaborate the incentive is.

Have a happy Thursday!


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