Another Fresh Start

It seems that starting fresh, which I originally planned as a weight-loss thing, has become a way of life. In my last couple of posts on the matter, I found myself delving deep into my spiritual life. In doing so, I may have let my body fall by the wayside a bit.

You see, I have started fresh in many ways, over and over, since this all began on May 8. And at times those fresh starts have become dead ends. So I begin again, forging new path toward a similar, hopefully better, more attainable goal.

Today I will update you on my physical state: better than before, but not yet where I want to be.

Last week, I bought my first pair of size 18 pants since before I got pregnant with Saiah (baby #2)!!!

Wow, this picture really shows off my cross-eyed-ness. I didn't realize it was so noticeable.

Still not skinny, but I’m getting my shape back =)

I had actually been down lower on some measurements, but I’ve been really slacking lately in the area of self-care. Which leads to my little announcement…

I will be taking a break from social media (except for a weekly message check), marketing (unless you contact me wanting product or info on starting your own ItWorks! business), and blogging (unless I really just can’t help myself) for the next 2-4 weeks.


Because I want to get my house clean, September lessons planned, some posts written, and some business-related planning taken care of. I’m also hoping to catch up on some nutrition research, reorganize my family’s schedule, and make some important decisions.

But don’t fret! I WILL be back! And when I come back, I hope to be better than ever!

Cos that’s what starting fresh is all about. Right?

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