Fresh Start Challenge – Preventing the Cycle

I stole the second part of that title from Hollea. I hope she doesn’t mind. But I just loved it so much!



Preventing the cycle. That’s what this whole FSC thing is about: keeping things fresh, starting anew, preventing the “same-ol, same-ol” from happening in my life, in my family.


We all have our own problematic cycles, our own issues of negativity or health problems or bad choices or abuse.

But we all have the same three options.

1. Accept the cycle. It is what it is; there’s no point in fighting it.

2. Ignore the cycle. It is what it is, but maybe if I pretend not to notice, the problem will go away on its own.

3. Stop the cycle. It was what it was. Now, what can I do differently?


I have been struggling with health problems since before I was born. No, really! My mom’s water broke when she was just 4 months pregnant with me. Back in the 80s, her only choices were to let me be born and spend an hour or two holding me before I was declared dead, have a D&C done to clear out the meddlesome tissue, or take drugs to stop the labor and spend the remainder of the pregnancy on bed rest, only to risk severe complications and infection in her baby. (I think you can guess which one she chose.)


That was health issue number 1, and there were many, many after I was born. You know how most people can remember a time or two when they got really sick and it was the worst thing ever, and they’ll never forget it? Well, I can specifically remember the exact dates on which I had no notable illnesses or pain. Yeah, there have been that few.



So starting fresh for me is about SO MUCH MORE than weight loss! It’s about stopping the cycle of ill health, preventing myself from crossing over into morbid obesity, refusing to accept the fact that all signs point to me being in a wheelchair by the time I’m 50.


And really, why should I accept that? Medicine told my mom to give up on me. Medicine told me my sweet Sam was dead in my womb at three months.

Sam at 3 1/2

But I don’t want to get too caught up in physical health, either.


Today’s Fresh Start Challenge is all about finding a real fresh start. Not just in what I eat or how I exercise, or even in how I act, but also a fresh outlook.


Let me ask you a couple questions. (If you’re nerdy like me, you’ll want to write your answers down.)

1. What constant loop can you see in your life that you are absolutely fed up with? It could be a personal issue like emotional eating, angry outbursts, laziness, a tendency to stay in bad relationships too long, self-loathing. Or it could be a family trend of poverty, alcoholism, lack of education. Anything that jumps out at you.


2. What can you do TODAY to stop that cycle in its tracks? It doesn’t have to be anything huge, just a simple step or two in the right direction. Perhaps you need to put down the ice cream and pick up the phone to call a friend instead. Or maybe when you look in the mirror and think, “I wish I were thinner,” you can remind yourself of the beautiful children that helped you gain the weight. Maybe you need to say goodbye to that boyfriend that always puts you down. Or maybe you need to go to the local unemployment office and ask them what you can do to get back on your feet. Again, anything that relates to your current situation.


Now, make up your mind to really do that thing you wrote down. BE DETERMINED! If you need accountability, leave a comment, email me, find me on facebook, join the blog hop, phone a friend…


Here’s mine:

1. One thing I know I need to work on is choosing to pay more attention to the positive things in life and less attention to the negatives. There are so many other areas I could list in which I struggle, but for this week I’m focusing on just this one. I tend to complain and hold grudges. And even when I don’t say anything out loud, I let my hurt feelings and physical pain control my outlook on life.

2. What I can do is correct myself. The next time I catch myself saying or thinking anything negative, I’m going to force myself to think or say something positive about the same thing. For example, right now my back hurts from deep-cleaning the kitchen yesterday. But, boy am I glad I got that room clean! The counters look amazing! And I love the way we got the family computer set up, and the extra space we made over by the windows. It feels so good to walk into a clean, organized kitchen!

Heavenly Father, thank You for allowing me this insight into my life.
Thank You for showing me the ways in which I need to change.
But more than that, thank You for giving me the means to do so!
Help me now, God, to remain steadfast in my determination.
I know it will be hard, and that life will do everything possible to keep the old cycle going. But I also know that You are with me.
Give me strength to endure the troubles that are bound to come my way along this journey. Thank You. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

Today I challenge myself to really, truly, stop the cycle. And after that, to start a new one…

Care to join me?



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