FSC: Week 4

I know, I know. I’m a day late.

I was better this week. I managed to keep the away-from-home eating relatively healthy, even though we had a bunch of appointments and things. And look at some of the yumminess I ate:


But the best thing? I lost inches! Hooray!



May 22, 2012

This Week’s Change

Left to lose



– 0.4



13 ¾

+ ⅜

1 ¼




1 ¼

Chest (under bust)

37 ½

+ ½


Waist (natural)

34 ¾

– ½

3 ¾

Belly (navel)

38 ¼

– ½

3 ¾

Mama Roll

(lower belly/high hip)

49 ¾

– ¾

2 ¾



– ½



23 ⅜

– ⅛

1 ⅜


My neck and chest measurements have gone up slightly, but given the intense back pain I’ve been in for the last few weeks, that’s really no surprise. The doc ordered a few tests and X-rays to see what’s going on there, and I have to take it easy until then. Not that I’m eager to do much of anything that requires moving my spine right now, anyway.


I also got a new phone, to which I’m adding all sorts of spiffy aps. Like a step counter, a meal planner, and SparkPeople’s food and activity tracker. And I ordered a book on eating for Autism.



As I was typing that last sentence, my 3rd grader finished his last assignment of the year. Which mean *sniff* he’s now a 4th grader. !!


All in all, a good week. Over the course of the summer, I’ll be studying up on all things nutrition-related, so that, hopefully, by the time fall comes around we’ll have a newly-designed family diet that will help us all be healthier and happier.


What are your summer Fresh Start goals?




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