FSC: Week 3? Notsomuch.

It’s been a rough week. I seem to have lost my mind and motivation somewhere among errands and meltdowns (mostly the kids’) and back pain and, well, life in general.

I totally skipped out on my food log two days, and I completely forgot about weighing and measuring myself until after I had already started to swell today. I also forgot a very important appointment that would have made it possible for Eli to go to a special summer program for Autistic kids. Thankfully, they were willing to reschedule.

So, anywho, instead of the usual table of my weight and measurements, I’ve decided to offer you blurbs from my daily food journal.


“These kids are doing everything in their power to make today a bad day. Arg!!!”

“It’s been a high-sodium, low-energy day. I’m going to bed.”

“I did play with the kids a fair amount today. So some cardio, I guess”


And that is all. Pretty crappy attitude I’ve had, right?

Yes, I did list the foods I ate, and the little bit of exercise that I managed. But with a back that hurt so bad I was literally in tears every time I had to pick up the baby, nothing really seemed to matter much for the past several days.

I’ll do better this week.

I hope.

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