FSC: Week 2 Wrap-up and a Linky!

Welcome back to the Fresh Start Challenge!

This week, my friend Hollea from Green Like Spinach and I have gotten together a little blog hop. Okay, okay, so she did all the work, but it was my idea. (Love ya, girly!)

Isn’t the button she designed cute?

Speedy Results
I told you last week about how my first ever Ultimate Body Applicator came in. Right?

Well, let me just say, that thing is AWESOME!!!

You know all the claims:

“Lose inches in just 45 minutes!”

“Tighten and tone your abs without ever setting foot in a gym!”

“See results in as little as 72 hours!”

It’s. All. True.

Not only that, but I feel way better after getting all those nasty toxins out of my flab fat cells, too. In fact, as those of you who know me on facebook have already heard, I have actually woken up on time every day since using the product. Amazing!

If you still don’t believe me, take a look at this:

See? Amazing! You know you want one. So just head to over to the Naturally Slim store. Go on. I’ll wait.

Now, onto my Week 2 Summary.

Those "?" should be 7/8 , 1/8 , and 7/8.

You may have noticed that my weight and  mid-belly have gone up this week. Let it be known that I blame lymphedema and crappy humid weather. And evil fast food restaurants that station themselves conveniently close to Walmart and offer toys to my children. Laziness may have played a role, too, I guess…

A typical day this week?
Similar to last week, but replace the cookies with the Hot Peruvian’s birthday brownies. Ohmygoodness, they were soooo good! Dark chocolate fudge brownies (from a box) made with coffee instead of water, with Reese’s pieces stirred in, topped with creamy peanut butter, which I cut into a pretty swirl pattern, and then sprinkled with Special Dark chips. I’m drooling just typing about them!

Mmmmmm. I’m sorry. Where were we? Oh, right, typical day.

1/3  cup egg whites
2 tablespoons of shredded cojack
1/2 cup of some sort of grain or a brownie
8-16 oz coffee
2-4 tablespoons creamer
16 oz water

Morning Snack
16-32  oz water

1/2 to 1 cup carbs
2-4 oz protein
1-2 cups fruits & veggies
16 oz water

Afternoon Snack
8-16 oz coffee
2-4 tablespoons creamer
1/4 cup something small and sweet
(brownie, plum sweets, bought cookies, etc.)
16-32 oz water

1-3 cups fruits & veggies
1/2 – 2 cups carbs
2-4 oz protein
16-32 oz water

Evening Snack
16-48 oz water
Store-bought cookies (they were free!)
Ice cream (it looked so good!)
Leftover pre-packaged burritos (anything’s better than McDonald’s!)
I’ve been a bad, bad girl. =( But tonight I’m eating a banana.

I’ve been careful to stretch every day, and there has been plenty of walking around stores, wrestling children in the midst of a meltdown, getting up every five seconds to clean up whatever the toddler and his preschooler brother have gotten into this time, chasing the dog and my 7 year old halfway across town (while carrying said toddler) because they ran away, and lots and lots of cooking, shopping cart pushing, and grocery bag lifting. Not to mention playing with them all and the usual household stuff. All in all, I’ve stayed active, even if there hasn’t been any real “exercise” going on.


Now it’s your turn.
Have you decided to get a fresh start toward better health? Link up!


2 thoughts on “FSC: Week 2 Wrap-up and a Linky!

  1. Wow! You’re applicator looks amazing! I can’t believe the results. I really need to get one!

    Now.. stop visiting fast food. The kids can whine until you get home. It’ll be okay! You can do this!

    (I am pretty proud of our button for the blog hop! I can’t believe I rocked that photo edit!)

    • Yes, you do. From me!

      Fast food sucks. But when you live an hour away from the closest Walmart, are out of all take-along-type foods, and can’t afford a real restaurant, Wendy’s is the best option. And McDonald’s has a play place, so the break from kids was totally worth the nastiness! Still, we all complained the whole way home about how crappy our day’s food had been. Even the kids tried to convince us to get real food next time. Apparently, the free toys aren’t enough to make up for the belly aches we all had the next day =/

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