Fill In the Blank Friday

Where has the week gone?!

I know I usually stick with my boring FITB picture, but Lauren‘s shot on today’s post just looked too yummy to pass up:

1.  Something that is very near and dear to my heart is   the welfare of children (both born and unborn).

2.   Anything that makes you happy  is good cause to celebrate .

3.  The most fun I ever had was   probably the week before CreationFest East in 2001. I worked on the setup crew( for free admission) and had a blast meeting tons of people while showing off my boy-like strength. Yes, it mattered back then.

4.  True friends are  those who, regardless of how long you’ve been apart, always feel like home.

5. Something that makes me terribly happy is watching my kids have fun together.

6. A good way to spend a sunny day is inside with a tall glass of cold water and a good book.

7.  My favorite celebratory food is queso blanco topped with cilantro, finely diced onions, and tomatoes. Mmmm!


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