FSC: Week 1 Is Done!

Where has the week gone?! It really does seem like it was just yesterday that I decided to do this whole thing.

But you know what? As fast as the week has gone, some inches have gone also. Hooray!


I’m not really sure what’s up with the increase in my hip measurement. Most likely a water thing. But I am definitely pleased with these results! Especially considering that I’ve been eating lactation cookies like crazy, have resorted to heating up frozen meals several times, and went to a home-style (read: grease-and-sugar-filled) buffet for Mothers Day.

Here’s what a typical day has looked like this week:

½ cup egg whites with spice
2 tablespoons of shredded cheese
1 serving of a grain
0-6 oz juice
8 oz coffee
2 tablespoons creamer

Morning Snack
2-4 cookies or a banana
8 oz coffee
2 tablespoons creamer

2-4  servings of veggies
1-2 servings of carbs
1-3 oz protein

2 servings of carbs
8 oz coffee
2 tablespoons creamer

2-3 servings carbs
2-4 oz protein
1-3 servings fruits & veggies

Ha! Does chasing around a 1 yr old who likes to get into everything count?

I did walk to the post office on Saturday, which is about a mile round trip. And I managed to do 20 minutes or less of ab work once or twice.

My average water intake for the week was 8 ½ of my 16oz glasses per day. That’s about 134 ½ oz.


In other news, I finally received my Ultimate Body Applicator in the mail today. I applied it just before supper, so I won’t know my total results until Friday. (It only has to stay on for 45 minutes, but it keeps working for 72 hours.) But at the 45 minute mark I had already lost three quarters of an inch off my belly! I can’t wait to re-measure in three days!

What have you done this week to create a healthier you?


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