Fill In the Blank Friday

I am so glad Lauren does these. I don’t get a whole lot of time to myself, but filling in blanks on the weeks I get around to it really does feel like a mini vacation.Even if it is interrupted by innumerable instances of “Moooooommmeeeeeeee!” and spilled drinks.

She must know ho much we appreciate her, too, because she went out of her way to post a health-themed set of Qs, even though she isn’t feeling well. How awesome is she?!

Thank you, Lauren. Get well soon !


To join the fun, click to visit The Little Things We Do. Then comment and let me know you did.


1.  On a scale from 1-10 the frequency with which I get sick is,   a nine. I have virtually no immune system, so if anyone around me is sick, I get it too. 

2.   The last time I felt sick was  honestly? Every day. I have enough chronic conditions that an easier question for me would be, “When was the last time you didn’t feel sick?” But that’s okay. I’ve learned to enjoy what healthy moments I can get.

3.  The worst part about being sick is   trying to catch up with the things you’ve let slide once you’re better.

4. When I am sick I like to be taken care of by being left alone to rest, totally ignored until I ask for a water refill or a snack, then waited on per my specific instructions. (Yeah, you’re right. It never happens. In fact, it’s usually the exact opposite.)

5. Something I do to keep myself healthy is  research. Lots and lots of research. Chronic illness isn’t something that can be treated away. And for many, it becomes a way of life. I refuse to let pain and discomfort control my life, so I learn all I can about natural remedies and lifestyle changes. Then I experiment and employ the ones that seem to help. The only medicine greater than knowledge is prayer.

6. A secret remedy that I use when I’m sick is to   add lemon to my water and garlic and red pepper to everything else. They act as natural antioxidants, and garlic has great germ-fighting properties.

7.  One thing that always makes me feel better when I’m sick is darkness. I learned when I first started getting migraines (back in junior high) that sometimes the only thing that helps is curling up in a ball under a thick blanket in a dark, quiet room.


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