Fill In the Blank Friday

I really should start posting on non-Friday days again soon. But, hey, it’s something!


To join the fun, click to visit The Little Things We Do. Then comment and let me know you did.


1.  My bedtime routine includes saying goodnight to my facebook friends, sometimes watching TV with the hot Peruvian, reading (online, print, kindle, or a combination of the three), and doing a lymphatic self-massage.


2.   I am having a great time watching Star Wars with my family and eating too much junk food. Being lazy is fun!


3.  I can’t stand people chewing with their mouths open because crunching and smacking noises make my skin crawl.


4. My idea of relaxation would be what I asked for for Mother’s Day this year: a day in which I do not have to leave my bed (unless I want to), prepare or serve meals, change diapers and I do get to read without interruptions, have coffee delivered to my bedroom, and snuggle/play with one or two kids at a time.


5. If I had an extra $50, I would go on a date with my hot Peruvian lover.


6. The best thing about a bloggy friend is they understand if you lose touch for a while, because they’ve read about the direction your life has been taking lately even before you have a chance to talk to them about it, and they support you regardless.


7.  A recipe I’ve been dying to try is um… I had been wanting to try a recipe I wrote up for multi-whole-grain bread for several months, and I finally made it last night. We’ve been eating too much other stuff today to taste it, but I’ll be sure to upload the recipe if it’s good.


Hopefully, I’ll post again before next Friday, but until I do,


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