Life is picking up again.

Every child's favorite riding toy.

I’m sure you know by now that I’ve taken a break from classes. Luckily, I was able to get an actual leave approved from a few days after everything went crazy around here until the new quarter.

Which starts Monday.

Which means I get to log into my new class tomorrow!


I mean, Eeeek!

I mean…

Yook, Mommy! I may a etter X!

I don’t know what I mean.

Part of me is super excited – especially since this class is on writing short fiction, which has to be fun (right?).

But part of me is terrified.

  • What if one of the kids goes nuts again?
  • What if I get another kidney stone? (I didn’t mention it on here, but I passed a kidney stone last Friday. Take the pain of childbirth, multiply by 12, remove the prize at the end… Now you have an idea of how it feels.)
  • What if my professor is really picky and I get overwhelmed and I fail? I can’t fail!
  • What have I gotten myself into?!

It doesn’t help that this is happening the same weekend as my church’s women’s retreat. I am going. I’m looking forward to the peacefulness and the fellowship. But it has me a little stressed, too.

  • Will I get behind before class is officially started?
  • How will the hot Peruvian survive 48 hours alone with all six kids?

Getting them all in one shot is even harder outside!

  • And how will Gab react to not having Mommy there to nurse him through the night?
  • And how will I get through Two. Whole. Days. without my baby there to drain my boobs?!

It also doesn’t help that we’ve all been fighting the stomach flu for a couple weeks now. Or that I’ve been neglecting the house for all that time. Or that we have a doctor appointment over an hour away early Friday morning.

But most of these things are good things.

And God is good!

I'll give you a taste of my lollipop. But first you have to give me a kiss.

Things have been much better around here for the past month – even after counting in the physical illnesses and teething baby.

Plus, we got a nice tax refund and get to go on a real vacation in a couple weeks (16 days, to be exact), and I got an amazing deal on a suite at the SHERATON: 3 nights for only $312!

I have also just become an affiliate for Woot! and Audible. Cool beans, dude!

I love having my whole family at the dinner table... capes, messy faces, spilled drinks, and all.

So there’s a lot going on. Life is picking up speed again. And we are happy.

But, please, pray for me. After the long, twisted, unpredictable roller coaster that we’ve been on for the last several months, it’s hard for me to be confident that things will work out okay.



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