Menu Plan Monday


Last week I didn’t bother with a plan, and we ended up eating late almost every night. Yeah, not planning is a much bigger bother, after all. This week, I’ve come prepared.


I’m also trying to have healthier breakfasts for the kids, since a couple of them have been falling asleep in class. So yesterday I spent a few hours on breakfast food prep.



I boiled eggs, made pancake and biscuit mixes, and cooked up some pancakes. I also made a wacky cake, just because.


Anywho, here’s the plan:


wacky cake and hard boiled eggs
apple-cinnamon multigrain pancakes
biscuits and (sausage) gravy
steak & egg burritos


clam chowder and salad


red beans and rice
pasta/ricotta bake
pork chops, brussel sprouts, and couscous
crockpot mashed taters, fried cabbage, and roast beef
chicken and dumplings
leftover buffet


What’s on your menu? Feel free to link up over at OrgJunkie, and then comment and let me know you did. Also, if you see something that you’d like a recipe for, leave a comment. I am still a bit under the weather, but I’ll be posting some more recipes throughout the week. Have a happy Monday!


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