Fill In the Blank Friday

Is it sad that filling in blanks makes me giddy? I mean, it is seriously the highlight of my week so far. But I’ve also missed a couple weeks, so maybe that’s it. You know, “absence makes the heart grow fonder” and all. Whatever, on to the fun!

To join the fun, click to visit The Little Things We Do. Then comment and let me know you did.

1.   The holiday season is a time for too many baked goods, family fun, shopping for stuff no one really needs, celebrating Mary’s choice not to abort, and the good kind of chaos.

2.   Snow makes me cold. And grumpy.

3.  The best comfort food to eat when it’s cold out is fresh-baked bread. Hot chocolate is good, too.

4. Winter is the best time for sleeping!

5.  I can hardly wait for Spring.


6.  When it comes to holiday gifts I prefer to watch each kid open each present. I like to see the looks on their faces when they get things. (I also hate to be watched opening mine. Double standard much?)

7.  If I were to rate my excitement about the holiday season on a scale from 1-10, I would say I am at about a 5. I love Christmas and just about everything it involves. But my 3 oldest boys tend to falter emotionally around this time, so it has become a bittersweet season.

What are you the most excited about this weekend?


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