Going to Texas

I’m headed to Humble, Texas in just a few hours. My alarm goes off at 3, coffee will be ready at 3:30, and at 4 we’re our the door! I haven’t flown since I was 18 and a virgin, so going on a flight with a layover with a 7 month old, all our stuff, and no one to help is pretty scary. Not to mention the fact that I’ll be leaving behind the other 5 kiddos and the hot Peruvian. Pray for me, people!

Why am I going? Choices 4 Life is a non-profit that aims to help women in crisis pregnancies, those who have had abortions, and those who want to adopt “unwanted” babies. They’re holding the first-ever Honor for Life Awards Gala to recognize women who chose not to abort their rape-conceived babies. I happen to be one of the honorees.

I hope to get plenty of pictures, and I’ll be taking along a notebook just in case I get a free minute every here-and-there. So look for a post about this historic event later this week. Until then…


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