Menu Plan Monday

Well, I have finally caught up with my school work. And now my 5 year old and I have strep.

Seriously, God? Can I please get a break?

The answer to that is an easy, “No.” You see, It’s less than a week until the Honor for Life Awards Gala. Since I’m one of the honorees, I kinda have to be there. So this week will be another hectic one, leading up to my trip on Sunday. More on that later.

It’s Monday! And, though I haven’t had much time for planning and have yet to go on a real grocery run, I’m in the mood to figure out some meals for the week. Breakfasts will be cereal, lunches will be leftovers, and suppers will be as follows…

Monday: frozen meatless meatballs in boxed mushroom gravy over egg noodles, grape tomatoes

Tuesday: chicken stir-fry and ramens

Wednesday: biscuits & gravy

Thursday: chili

Friday: pizza or something similarly easy

Saturday: Thanksgiving dinner at church

Sunday: I’ll be in Texas, so the hot Peruvian will have to figure something out.

What sorts of things to you feed your family when you’re too sick to cook well?


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