Hold, Please.

Things went from crazy to chaotic to “Oh, dear God, let me off this boat!” last week, so I put off all of the non-immediate stuff until the urgent issues were solved.  And I’m paying for it this week. Big time. So I’m going to stay off the blog and limit my time on facebook until next Monday, November 14.

Yes, the exhausted look is standard this week. But, on the bright side, I got a haircut!

If you happen across here looking for something to read, try these:

Baby Fever

Where Were YOU on Nine Eleven?

Loving a Child Conceived in Rape

My family uses foodstamps…

A two-hour labor and delivery

I hate roller coasters! (a very long post about a bad week)

This one (with a long title) about the boys’ school

Or check out some of my stuff on HubPages

I hate that I can’t keep up with everything right now, but I WILL be back! So y’all come back now, ya hear?




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