Tackle It Tuesday

One of my favorite blogs right now is A Slob Comes Clean. Like Nony, too, am a slob. I don’t wanna be, but it’s a fact I just can’t seem to shake.

I’ve realized that the real reason I can’t keep my house in order isn’t laziness, kids, or even lack of time – it’s that I don’t have proper organization tools. I don’t have the right furniture or the space to keep everything we need to keep our large family going. So it all just gets piled around wherever it’s most convenient at the time. And since I’m a perfectionist, the fact that I know it can’t be done right keeps me from doing anything.

We live in a 24×60, 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, double-wide trailer. To the average family, 1,440 square feet sounds big. But throw 8 people and two pets into that space, and it shrinks rather quickly.

Most of the closets are overflowing with random storage items: boxes, bins, bags of clothes.

Closet in the Master Bedroom (There's no room for my clothes, so I keep them in a laundry baket at the foot of the bed.)

And the same kinds of things are stacked throughout the house. In our living spaces. Where we should be living joyously but can’t, because there’s all this #@&%$! stuff in our way.

The Living Room today (The chasm between that blue bin and my messy desk is comprised of about a metric ton of unsorted clothes, confiscated toys, and randome stuff we've been given.)

The hot Peruvian wants to rent a storage unit in the next town over and put all the stuff we aren’t currently using out of sight. In theory, it would be nice to have everything out of the way so we can enjoy the space we do have. But I fear that we would never actually do anything with the stuff in storage – some of which I’m pretty sure we need, like kid’s winter clothes – so we’d be paying some horrid amount every month for the next who-knows-how-many years just to not have to deal with it. Not only would be be paying for the unit, we’d also end up buying things we don’t need because we wouldn’t know where they were, and going to Walmart for a new whatever is way easier than sorting through an overflowing 5×10 space in the freezing cold.


Still, it would be nice to make some room around here. Having free space would give me the motivation I need to actually clean our house. Which I haven’t really done since 2010. Gross.

Part of me wants to jump on the Peruvian’s bandwagon and toss everything into a unit right now! And, really, it would be a great idea if we were to pull one or two containers out each week to put away correctly until it’s all been dealt with. But then that follow-through issue comes back. You see, we’re both procrastinators, and since I don’t drive, this plan would be dependent on him taking initiative, too. That means teamwork, and, more importantly, correlation of both ambition and time. So I’m a little skeptical.

What do you think? Should we invest in a storage rental until we’ve had a chance to become more organized (and risk never seeing it again)? Or should we continue to live with the junk in the house as a constant reminder of what we should be doing? I could really use some help with this decision.

After choosing the title for this post, I discovered a meme by the same name. It’s all about completing projects, which sounds like a great idea, and I may play along at some point. But this week I’m all about survival.


8 thoughts on “Tackle It Tuesday

  1. Girl, you just need an ambitious friend to come over and sort through all of that! Four groups – throw out, give away, storage, and keep. If you’re truly willing to part with some stuff, you could end up with an organized house and an organized storage unit where all you need to do is drive over, open the door and read the labels on the boxes to find what you need. It’s too bad I live so far away, because that’s my kind of project. If you can’t get anyone who is interested in helping you, I would still put everything in a storage unit as the next best option. At least then you have room to enjoy your home and you can clean when you need to.

    • Actually, Lisa, I’m pretty good at that sort of project, too, when there’s either less to go through or no interruptions. But I can’t think of anyone who’d be willing to take my 6 little interrupters long enough to get it done.

      So… when ya coming up my way again? =P

      • I hear ya about the little interrupters! You definitely don’t have large blocks of time to devote to extra stuff on the side at your stage of life! Maybe you could take a quick look at stuff just to pull out winter clothes before putting the rest in storage?? I know if it was me, I could relax a whole lot easier without all of that stuff sitting around calling to me, “Lisa, we’re still here!” (You know you already have enough to do to keep three women busy, don’t you!? I get tired just READING about your schedule!) 🙂

  2. Here is my 2 cents. Get rid of it all if you have not used it in a year. Save the Winter clothes and baby stuff. I happen to go crazy with clutter! We moved in April , I got rid of tons of stuff. However, we moved temporarily for one year into a smaller house. Thankfully, there is a huge storage shed. When we move in April, I am going to rid more of my stuff that I have lived without for a year.

    And invest in a storage shed or a small storage for all items that you absolutely can’t live without.

    • Good plan! I’d love to buy a storage shed, but the hot Peruvian doesn’t want to spend a big chunk, since we’re hoping to move within a year or two. I do think I’ll be getting rid of a good bit of it, but I don’t want to chuck things that the older kids outgrew until I’m sure the younger ones can’t use them. It’s quite an undertaking, but it’ll happen. Today I managed to get through a 40 gallon bin of toys – and even through some of them away!

      Thanks for stopping by =)

  3. I would avoid a storage unit at all costs. Too spendy and too easy to forget about stuff without dealing with it. You will always have that thought of “we really need to get over to the storage unit and sort through that stuff” hanging over your head.
    And thanks for stopping by my blog!!

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