Fill In the Blank Friday

Thank You, dear God, for Friday and the coming Weekend!

My boys have been home more than at school this week, which could have been fun if they were in good moods.But with the flu winding down and ear infections in full swing, nobody in this house has been very much fun to be around. Thankfully, we all got scripts for antibiotics yesterday evening, so we should be really, truly better soon. Yay!
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1.   The most selfless thing I’ve ever done was give away my Bible. I met a woman who had just become a Christian and wanted to join the church’s evangelism team. She had memorized some scriptures but couldn’t afford to buy a Bible, so I gave her the one my parents had given me for 6th grade graduation. I had another one, but it was full of highlighting and markings that I’d made while studying. While it felt good to  be able to help the woman, it was hard to give up something with so much sentimental value.
2.   When it comes to working out I have no real routine. I used to exercise for about 4 hours a day, but since kids I’m lucky to get 4 minutes. Every once-in-a while, I do a full set of strength training with my son’s dumbbells or some yoga, but most days I just get in a few crunches and do squats and cardio as I’m playing with the kids.
3.  A woman should always be comfortable in her own skin.
4. I wish I could    drive    and then I’d be able to go to the boys’ heritage party at school today. =(
5.  A best friend is someone who listens to you whine without getting annoyed and then tells you the truth, even when it hurts.
6.  I can’t get enough of water. I am perpetually thirsty. Actually, I’m on my 3rd 16oz glass today, and I still feel parched. It’s crazy!
7.  This weekend I am hoping to rearrange the livingroom a little, organize all our craft supplies, and deep-clean as much of the house as possible. Gotta kill those germs! I also need to write two essays for my current classes and start reading for the new class that starts on Monday. Realistically, though, we’ll be lucky to get through the weekend without the kids killing each other.


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