Menu Plan Monday…on Tuesday

It’s been a rough several days. Everyone was finally feeling better on Saturday, and we had high hopes for a productive weekend. And then I slipped in a puddle of water on the kitchen floor (thanks, Sammy) and twisted my ankle pretty badly. It still hurt yesterday, but I was able to walk again, so I should have been able to catch up, right? Wrong! when I normally would have been doing the usual Monday things, I was caring for my sick five year old, instead. He’s better now, but I’m still a few days behind on, well, everything.

Hence my menu plan being posted (and linked, I hope, if the linky’s still open) on Tuesday.

cereal w/ milk X2
peanut butter toast & OJ
scrambled eggs
oatmeal cookies
dry cereal & fruit
spiced oatmeal w/ applesauce

nuggets, red taters, peas, grapefruit
leftover pintos, rice, sasla
mini pizzas
leftovers X3

bought pizza (Thank you, Alex!)
freezer pasta
chicken & dumplings, cooked carrots
burger soup, bread
pierogies, kielbasa, cabbage or salad
steak, sweet potato fries, spinach salad

oatmeal cookies X2
random stuff from the play therapist’s stash


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