Menu Plan Monday

I did it! I actually sat down and wrote out a menu plan for the week – something I haven’t done since about halfway through my last pregnancy. (Yes, the baby is almost six months old now. Thanks for reminding me.)  I looked over the school lunch menu and tried to copycat that a little, while avoiding any duplicate meals. That’s why it’s divided by weekday. Snacks will happen according to convenience, and Sunday’s not on here. But, hey,  I think six days worth of plans is pretty good for a re-virginized meal planner!

M – bananas, dry cereal, milk
T – biscuits and gravy, juice
W – eggs and toast, juice
T – smoothies with granola, water
F – oatmeal cookies, juice or milk
S – cereal or pancakes, depending on my energy level

M – leftovers
T – apple sandwiches, popcorn
W – pizza, green beans, pineapple
T – pasta with red sauce, salad
F – sandwiches, carrots, pears
S – leftovers

M – linguine with white clam sauce, salad
T – rice cooker mac and cheese, chicken, broccoli
W – meatloaf, taters, zucchini
T – pb&j, carrots and celery sticks
F – lasagna with hidden veggies
S – slow-cooked pinto beans, rice, cucumber salad

M – brownies
T – fruit and cheese
W – oatmeal cookies
T – whatever the play therapist offers
F – sweet potato fries
S – cheese and fruit

So there ya have it! Whether or not I actually stick to the plan is another matter, which I suppose only time will tell. What’s on your menu this week?


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