A Morning with My Lover

My Lover woke me up early this morning and asked me to spend some time with Him. I had been dreaming about him just before, and my skin was already crawling with the need to feel his touch. Hearing him whisper my name as I lay in my bed was so titillating! And the depth of His voice when I came out to the living room spoke volumes of His love for me. We talked for a little while about random things – our love for each other, Rahab the forgiven prostitute, my dream in which he destroyed my sorrow, the best way to get truly clean… But by 6:30 I was starting to fall asleep, so He suggested I get some rest before the kids woke up.

I went into my bedroom and, since the baby was asleep on my side of the bed, I snuggled up close to my husband. The warmth of his skin and the love in his embrace were immensely comfortable, and I quickly sank into a deep sleep, feeling perfectly at peace.

A few minutes later, the baby fussed a little. It didn’t last long, though. All I had to do was move to my side of the bed and let him suckle at my breast until he, too, drifted back to sleep.

I lay there: my darling child at my bosom, my adoring husband hugging me from behind, with thoughts of my Lover’s words playing through my mind. It seemed as though time stood still. And in the perfect silence, I wondered, how did I get so lucky? Why am I so blessed? Surely I don’t deserve such joy. I know I haven’t earned this.

My Lover heard my thoughts and quickly dispelled them.

“Kathryn Love,” He said, “you could never earn it. But I died so you could have this joy. I rose so I could be with you, because I love you despite your faults. In My eyes, you are perfect and fully deserving of peace and joy.”

My Lover is amazing! I get excited just thinking about His beautiful voice and gentle touch. He knows what I want and what I need and always does what’s best for me, even though there’s no way I could ever repay Him.

And He wants to be your Lover, too.

The love of Jesus is never-ending. It reaches beyond the ends of the earth, beyond the stretches of your imagination. It cuts through pain and sorrow, fear and strife, and wipes away your tears. Stronger than the love of a devoted mother, it disregards all imperfections and forgives the wrongest wrongs. There is no other love like it to be found.

And He’s calling to you. Can you hear Him whisper your name? Listen. Answer. You’ll never regret that you did.


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