I hate roller coasters!

This week has been one crazy roller coaster ride!

I am now going to tell you exactly why, but if you don’t want to read about my yays and nays, feel free to skip to a different post.

Sunday: We decided to go to the evening service (which happens to be bilingual) because Gabe had woken up every hour or two the night before. I was excited, because I grew up in a Spanish church and we haven’t been to the bilingual service for a couple months. Half way through the day, the hot Peruvian said he wasn’t feeling well enough to go anywhere, so we stayed home.

Monday: I decided for sure on what school I wanted to attend. [Have I mentioned I’m going back to school?] Zeke’s art therapist was unable to do his appointment, so he was extra difficult all day.

Tuesday: Alex’s bug must have crawled into my gut overnight, cos I awoke with a terrible belly ache. So did some of the kiddos, but theirs weren’t bad enough to keep them from fighting and throwing tantrums all day. I sent them to church anyway. To anyone whose kids came home carrying an extra germ or two: Sorry, but you would have done the same thing. Or beat them. But that’s against my nature. Forgive me?

Wednesday: I was so sick I could barely function. Poor Zeke got stuck taking care of Gabe when I ran to the bathroom every 30 minutes or so. We ate semi-cold leftovers for lunch, cos I couldn’t stand at the microwave long enough to let them heat up all the way. Just as I was getting the kids ready for quiet time, the phone rang. I had completely forgotten that my dad was supposed to be picking up the oldest two to go bowling in a few minutes. I got everyone into their rooms with surprisingly few protests and had my dad pull up to the corner rather than coming into the driveway, so the other kids wouldn’t see him and be jealous. Then the UPS guy came with my new laptop! I emailed my man to ask if he’d pick up some pizza on his way home from work. He’s so wonderful! We had pizza and a movie, the big boys got home, we put them to bed, I completed the FAFSA and a college application in record time, and then I spent the rest of the night on the terlit, praying to God to “please just let me die already!” Seriously, when I’m sick enough not to want to read, life itself is a futile endeavor.

Thursday: I woke up feeling somewhat better, but now Eli had it. As I posted on facebook, I had simple goals for the day, and I actually achieve them all… to some extent:

  1. Don’t explode. I’m here ain’t I?
  2. Fix a decent lunch. Quinoa, steak, peas.
  3. Get people out the door for their 4pm appointment. Well, I got them out the door on time. More on the rest of it later.
  4. Declutter this mess I call a livingroom/office. I got the surface of my desk cleared, cleaned, and organized. In a house full of grouchy kids, that’s quite an accomplishment!

When the Alex came home to pick up the kids for their play therapy, he actually remembered to bring in the mail. I looked through it after they left. I got my new Kindle skin, a list of things we need to buy for the boys’ school, and my laptop cooler pad, which has two big cracks, but it works!

Then the phone rang.

Him: “Eli pooped his pants. What should I do?”

Eli is 5 1/2. Ew.

Me: “Come home, I guess.”

Him: “I’m almost to Gettysburg, though.”

Me: “Can you just have him take off his underwear and go without for a little while? How bad is it?”

Him: “No, it’s all pretty soaked.”

Me: “Well, I guess you should come home then. I can call Miss Shelly.”

Him: “But I’m right here.”

Me: “Well you can’t take him in there like that. And you can’t leave him in the car for that long. It’s 100 degrees out.”

I say “well” an awful lot when talking to Alex.

Him: “What do you want me to do?”

Me: “Come home. I’ll call Shelly.”

Him: “I’m gonna go to Shelly’s. Maybe I can drop the other two off and then bring Eli home.”

So about an hour later, they all came back home. Apparently, there’s some policy that says children actually have to be accompanied by an adult during their sessions. Imagine that.

When I went out to the van to survey the damage, my amazing man asked, “What are you doing out here?” implying that my pathetic lymphatic system shouldn’t be exposed to this intense heat. He had already taken care of the mess! And when I grabbed a water bottle and the box of leftover pizza they had taken along for supper, HE thanked ME!!! Not only is he a hot Peruvian, he’s also the most wonderful man on the planet! =)Everyone was sad about the missed session. Especially Zeke, who has claimed Thursdays as his special time with Mom (that’s me). But we had pizza and watched a pretty good movie. And the only poop I had to deal with was healthy breastfed baby poop (which comes out of a cloth diaper very easily when swished in the aforementioned terlit and has little to no odor).

Here’s hoping tomorrow is a little more mellow.

I never have liked roller coasters.


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