Fill In the Blank Friday

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1.   One of my happiest moments ever was holding my baby for the first time. I suppose that actually makes six happiest moments, but they all kinda fit into one. Sorta. Another would be the first overnight date Alex and I had. We went to a hotel/comedy club, ate with no children around, laughed until I almost peed (I was 6 months preggo with #5, people. It could’ve happened.)  and slept in the next morning.

2.  Summer is wedding season and weddings are boring and completely overdone.
3.  This summer has been HOT and underproductive.
4.  My summer food of choice has been  whatever my 6 Week Body Makeover tells me: lots of protein and fruit, and a ton of oatmeal to boost milk production.
5.  My summer uniform has been the usual: long dresses, an occasional bra.
6.  If I could spend the entire summer in one location I would choose somewhere mild and dry, preferably with sidewalks so I could safely go for walks with all my kiddos.
7.  My summer anthem is In the Garden” and “Because He Lives” have been going through my mind constantly. Strange, since I don’t usually hear hymns even at church, but they’ve really been meaning a lot to me through all our recent hard times. I think God’s been very clearly reminding me that I can meet with Him in the “garden” of my mind, and that I can face anything tomorrow holds, simply because He lives. He’s cool like that.


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