26 Things that Come with Having Kids: Y

We talked about how much I love the zoo. Now onto  the next lovely topic (and you thought I’d never get around to it!)

Yelling. It’s inevitable when there are kids in the house. Whether it’s them, your spouse or you, someone is going to yell. Sometimes repeatedly. 
Oh, sure, I’ve heard the rumors that the Duggar mom never raises her voice. I don’t believe it. Because even if you don’t get angry – in a house as crowded as theirs must be – there are bound to be times when anyone who wants to be heard simply must raise his or her voice. 
Not that my house ever gets that noisy!
Okay, so it does. Daily, in fact. And it’s guaranteed that on any given day there will be at least one or a dozen two instances of yelling in this place. It may fighting siblings, a disgruntled chore-doer, a dad who’s had-it-up-to-here! or a certain adult female who might possibly lose her temper from time to time in the form of a very loud rant (hmm… who could that be?). Sometimes it’s just a matter of getting the 2 year old’s attention long enough to put down a nursing baby before said toddler eats an entire can of Nesquick off the kitchen floor.
Not all yelling is cause for alarm, either. Sometimes it is required to create the authenticity in an all-family game of “National Guard,” in which each member has a super power and must work to fight the bad guys. Some high-pitched yelling (a.k.a. screaming) may be the result of an ice cube down the back, a water balloon fight, or a good old-fashioned tickle party.
Regardless of the reasons or the responsible party, every parent or parent-to-be must be aware of and prepared for the high decibel levels that come along with raising one or more children. 
Flents Quiet Time Soft Comfort Ear Plugs 50 Pair
I recommend taking stock in ear plugs.
(Next in the series: Xenophthalmia. Don’t know what that is? Guess you’ll have to read it and find out!)

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