LOVE my Sleepy Wrap!!!

When my oldest was a baby, someone gave us a walmart-grade infant carrier. It was dark blue, had straps and buckles and a very uncomfortable adjuster ring thingy on the back that like to dig in between my shoulder blades any time I walked or sneezed or breathed too deeply. Zeke would not be put down 90% of the time, even when sleeping. I may have spoiled him just a little. So, regardless of all its faults, the carrier was a life-saver.
I used the same carrier a few times with my second, but after gaining a bunch of baby weight, it was hard to get the thing on. (Apparently, only tall, skinny girls are supposed to have babies.) And when it was on, it was too uncomfortable to be worth the effort. Somewhere along the line, I gave it away and never thought about it again until recently.
The newest addition to our family is a little – okay, very – spoiled, too. And since I want so very badly to breastfeed him full-term, and since I have a supply issue and MUST feed on demand every time he’s hungry, and since we have 5 other crazy kids running around this place with no concern for where they step or whom they bump into… I have been desperately wanting a carrier for Gabe.
I was given a ring sling by a lactation consultant at the WIC office, which was a pleasant surprise at the time. But after many attempts at positioning my little guy in the thing, I’ve given up. It’s not very comfortable for me, since all the weight sits on one shoulder. And he absolutely hates the position and the “swaddling” feel on his legs. So I’ve been searching the interwebs for over a month to find the perfect thing.
I’ve seen a lot about the Moby Wrap. It seemed perfect until I looked at the price. Even on sale at a store where I get a discount, the thing costs upwards of $45!  (Of course, as I’m searching for pictures for this post, I see that it’s been reduced.) And since the only pictures I could find of it in action had skinny models and babies in the “newborn hold,”  I wasn’t sure it would work for me. No way was I gonna shell out all those clams for something I wasn’t sure about. So I kept looking.
When I logged on to to order our cloth diapers the other day, I half-heartedly looked through the carrier section of their clearance. And there I found my new best friend, the Sleepy Wrap:
Please ignore the dirty mirror.
It’s plenty long, so it fits around my 40 inch belly just fine, with room to spare. And since it’s 100% adjustable, it doesn’t dig in on my fattier or shorter parts like the one with buckles did. Plus it distributes the weight evenly across my entire torso, so there’s no shoulder pain like with the sling.
The first time I tried it on, I put my two year old in and spun him around in circles hands-free. He was ecstatic, and when I put the wrap away, he begged me to put it back on. The next morning, I was able to clean the living room with the baby happily perched and both my arms free to pick up random junk and push the vacuum! I’ve since worn Gabe in the wrap while fixing meals, doing laundry, and just walking around the house to get him to sleep. I was even able to put him in a nursing hold while serving lunch to the other kids – and he didn’t feel constricted, since the Sleepy Wrap supports him in the same way my arms normally would.
To say the least, this carrier is an excellent find for anyone who wishes they had an extra arm or two! (And, no, I’m not getting paid to tell you so.)


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