Fill In the Blank Friday

  To join the fun, visit The Little Things We Do, then comment and let me know you did!

1.   The last movie I saw was   White Lion. But I’m going to see Super 8 with my hot Peruvian tonight.

2.  I want to  dye my hair red. I’ll post pictures later.

3.  Surprises are   finicky. Good surprises are usually fun – unless they’re ill-timed. Bad surprises (which come all too frequently in the form of stinky messes in the carpet of my potty-training son’s room) are not fun.
4.  The best accessory is a positive attitude.

5.  My favorite warm drink is   coffee. Especially with a decent amount of cream and no sugar.

6.  My favorite cold drink is  water. I’m boring, I know.

7.  Currently loving  our recent transition to cloth diapers and wipes. And my supercool SleepyWrap!


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