SITS31DBBB – Day 7

So not feeling the whole “housewife” thing today. 
Thursdays are not fun. Thursdays are like my Monday. It’s absolutely, hands-down, bar-none the WORST day of the week. I’ve got more to do than any other day, most of which either cannot be or hasn’t been done ahead of time, and the least time to do it – we’ve all got to be ready to go by 3pm. This Thursday, in particular, is an extra-crazy-impossible day. 
As usual, I need to fix a take-along supper, dress 5 children, feed them lunch, nurse the baby a half dozen times, pack the diaper bag, break up several fights and do a load or two of laundry. But this week I also have to pack an extra diaper bag, bathe the baby (it’s been several days. ew.) and get together all the stuff we’ll need to stay occupied at the doctor’s office while Alex and 4 of the kids are at the play therapist’s place. And I still haven’t had a shower. Arg.

I must say, though, that Gabe has slept through the night twice now, so I’m not quite as exhausted as usual. And I’ve got this blog challenge to give me a little space in the day for me. Plus, today’s assignment gives me an excuse to surf the web a little longer than usual, looking for worthy links.

Day 7 : Linkety Link Links
Today we’re supposed to write a post full of links. Links that will keep our readers interested in what we have to say. Links that will make the linkee want to check us out. Links that build community and readership and all that happy shtuff.

Thursday is a good day for that. Because Thursday is when the 4 Moms share tips on “How Moms of Many Manage.”

Here are some more of the ones I’ve been frequenting lately (in no particular order):
  • Life As Mom – another awesome mom of many
  • Just West of Crunchy – this is written by a couple who strive to live naturally without being so organic that I run away screaming.
  • Mama Natural – a place for all things organic and mommyish
  • Guggie Daily – Guggie blogs about parenting, lactivism, intactivism and birth stories
  • Peaceful Parenting – Dr. Momma is FULL of information on just about everything you need to know about infant and child medicine, peaceful parenting, and various channels of activism
  • The Feminist Breeder – the kind of feminist that makes me wonder if I am a feminist, after all. Not like the stereotype I’ve always known
  • babble – a series of blogs “for a new generation of parents”
  • My Home Truths – this mom has 3 kids, one with special needs
  • Called to Peru – a missionary couple’s journey
There are many more that I could share with you, but I need to put a loaf of bread in the oven, so that’s where I’ll stop.
Happy Linking!

Ooh! I just got some convenient news… The kids’ play therapist is sick, so she’s cancelled for today.
I’m sorry you don’t feel well, Miss Shelly! 
And kids, I know it sucks that you have to wait to have your sessions.
But, boy am I glad to have an extra hour to get ready for the baby’s checkup. And to make up for the disappointment, how about we go to Story Time at the library tonight?


2 thoughts on “SITS31DBBB – Day 7

  1. And I thought being a WAHM and mother to 10-month-old twins was hard. I don't know how you do it. BTW, don't feel bad about not bathing your little one for a few days. I suspect you're wiping the dirtiest parts several times every day 😉 And, bathing too much leads to dry skin anyway.

  2. Wow Kati! How are you keeping up with the #SITS31DBBB challenge? Incredible. I don't have children and I'm still struggling.I'm really enjoying your posts. Keep up the great writing.Best wishes, Caylie

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