SITS31DBBB – Days 3-6

Less than a week into this thing, and already I’m behind. But not for lack of interest or dedication. It’s just that my 2 month old has decided to grow like a rumor weed! 
He’s been cluster feeding like crazy (we’re talking 3-4 hour feeding sessions) and then crying and flailing and squirming when I go dry. Until I give him a bottle. Then he sleeps for, oh, say 20 minutes, before starting it all over again. I. Am. Pooped!

So when Gabe hasn’t been pigging out on your favorite Dairy Queen, she’s been busy cooking for, feeding, changing, bathing, and picking up after the other 5 little piggies in the house. Why am I speaking in the third person? And when did my family become a pack of farm animals?

Anywho, I have been doing at least bits and pieces of the assignments, but I haven’t put them up here since day 2. Oops. So here ya go:

Day 3: Promote a Post
Everyone knows that, if you want people to see something, you’ve got to get it out there. “Promote” is just a more PC word
for “advertize.” There are many many ways to go about doing so. I have always posted links to my blog on my personal facebook page. But on day 3, I decided to set up a facebook page just for the blog. I’m also going to try to start tweeting my posts. 
If you know of any other free ways to promote, feel free to share!

Day 4: Analyze a Blog in Your Niche
I didn’t do this. I don’t really feel like I have a niche. But there are a few blogsthatIreadregularly (Those are 5 different links to great blogs, people!), and I often find myself taking mental notes of what makes them so awesome and how I might be able to emulate some of that awesomeness somewhere down the line.

Apparently, there is a list of questions we’re supposed to ask ourselves when doing the analysis, but since I don’t have the book, I don’t get to see the full list. Waaah! One of my group mates did remind me about this helpful link, though, so I suppose there’s no excuse for me not to get around to this assignment at some point. Bummer.

Day 5: Email a Reader
I haven’t done this yet either. I really really want to send a proper email – like with capital letters and punctuation and a complete lack of nonsense words – so I’ve been waiting for the baby to sleep. He is right now (obviously) but I’m doing this instead. The email will happen. I’m giving myself a deadline of midnight tomorrow.

Day 6: Read an Insane Amount of Shtuff
Properly completing his assignment also requires the book, but host Shelley did offer an alternative: reading shtuff written by the authors of the 27 articles that we were supposed to read. Here’s their info:
Seth Godin: SethGodin Twitter: @thisissethsblog
Rand Fishkin: SEOMoz Twitter: @seomoz
Skellie: Skelliewag Twitter: @skellie
Chris Garrett: ChrisG Twitter: @chrisgarrett
Yaro Starak: Entrepreneurs Journey Twitter: @yarostarak
Jeremy Schoemaker: ShoeMoney Twitter: @shoemoney
Maki: DoshDosh Twitter ID: @doshdosh 
Liz Strauss: SuccessfulBlog Twitter ID: @lizstrauss
Daniel Scocco: DailyBlogTips Twitter ID: @danielscocco
Chris Brogan: ChrisBrogan Twitter ID: @chrisbrogan
I haven’t looked at any of them yet, but it should be pretty easy to do one-handed throughout the day. 
All in all, I think it’s going well. I may not be doing all the assignments correctly, but I am blogging more than ever before. And I’ve made some great connections with fellow bloggers I probably would never have come across were it not for the 31DBBB.
Are you doing the challenge? If not, join us!

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