26 Things that Come with Having Kids: Z

In honor of the Mindful Mothering link-up, I’ve decided to repost and complete my 26 Things series. Yippee!
This came to me as an alphabetical list, but A-Z is boring. So we’ll do it in reverse, in however many installments it takes to get through all 26 letters. Here goes…

Zoos. I have never been an animal person. Sure, I had a thing for cheetahs after watching that movie. And I collected teddy bears for a few years as a child. And, yes, I adored the cocker spaniel I got for my seventh birthday. But overall, animals have always just been “eh” to me.
Cute kitty pic?
A herd of deer beside the road? 
Milo and Otis? 
Oh, please don’t make me watch that crap again!
And then along came the little ones:
Toddler: “Mommy, yook! Dair’s a buwd ober dair!”
Me (feigning enthusiasm): “Wow! I think that’s a robin, sweety. See the red belly?”
Toddler: “Bunny! Bunny! Mommy, I saw a wabbit!”
Me (rolling eyes): “Awesome! You know, your uncle Billy used to like rabbits, too.”
You get the idea.
To kids, though, animals are amazing. A tiger on TV is the coolest thing ever, and seeing a cricket in the back yard is like winning the lottery! So it stands to reason that I should succumb to the “joy” of a trip or two (or a dozen) to the zoo. Right?
We went once when the boys were 4, 2 and 1, and Vicki was just a few weeks old. Mamas, hear me: Never go to the Washington, DC Zoo less than 2 months after having a c-section. NEVER! There a hills and more hills, and no wheels to be had! Not a good time for me, but the boys loved it.
A few years later, I accompanied a first grade field trip to the same zoo. Again with the hills and the walking, but it was nice. For my son, whom I love tremendously (obviously).

Really, I doubt there are many parents out there as indifferent to animals as I’ve always been, so for most of you the zoo might actually be fun. Maybe there are even some of you crazy enough to be gad for the excuse to go. Or maybe you’re like me and would rather have ants crawl on your face. Either way, your child(ren) will love the outing, and you simply can’t let them get through an entire childhood without seeing a monkey in person at least once!

Okay, okay. I’ll admit it. This one’s cute.

So there you have it: Trips to the zoo come with the territory in parenting. I hope you enjoy the animals more than I do!

(Next in the series: Yelling. Not that there’s ever any of that in my house!)
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3 thoughts on “26 Things that Come with Having Kids: Z

  1. I admit, I'm an animal freak, so the zoo will be a great outlet for my twins this summer. We're also blessed to have the Lincoln Park Zoo, the only FREE city-run zoo left in the country!

  2. Free is always good! I'm fortunate (you might add an "un" to that) enough to not have a zoo anywhere close. The one in DC is a two hour drive, then there are those in Pittsburg and Philly, which are even farther. The National Zoo is free, but parking is not, and food prices are ridiculous!

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