Simple Pleasures

My shtuff came in the mail yesterday =D 
I really am like a kid on Christmas when orders come in. Even when it’s diapers or some other daily-routine-type thing. Only this time it was mostly fun shtuff!
A 19 ounce ceramic mug with a lid. To replace my FAVORITE coffee cup that got BROKEN while ALEX was doing dishes a couple weeks ago! (But I’m not bitter.) This one’s not a Christmas gift from my sister-in-law, but it’s big and it’s perty, so it’ll do.
A coupon organizer. Because taking a lidless small toy bin full of homemade cardstock labels and tiny pieces of clipped paper through Walmart doesn’t mesh well with two carts full of small children and a large cup of easily (and frequently) spilled coffee. Not sure this one’s big enough, but I’ve gotten a little lazy with the couponing as of late, anyway. Blame it on the baby.
10 BPA-free cups for the kids. I cannot tell you how pleased I was to throw away the old ones, which were not BPA-free, had several chocolate milk stains on their insides that simply would not come out and multiple scribbled-out names on their outsides that also would not come off. (We write the kids’ names on their cups to prevent fights. Sometimes it works.)
Bottles with peristaltic nipples. To mimic my boobies and prevent colic. These actually came last Thursday, but I hadn’t mentioned it yet, so here they are. Gabe seems to like them very well. My only complaint is that the venting system requires you to hold the bottle a certain way, which is fine most of the time but hard to do in the dark. Luckily, I usually have enough milk to breastfeed throughout the night.
An external hard drive for Alex. It was supposed to be his birthday present, but I didn’t get to order it until after, so now it’s a Fathers’ Day gift. This thing’s got 80 gigs, a 16 MB cache, 7200RPM, connects via USB, and it cost me less than $24. A lean, green, Wii-hacking machine! (I want one too, for my massive stash of pictures.)
Have a happy Thursday!

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