Happy Resurrection Day!

This year we’re simplifying our Easter celebration. In 2010, we gave the kids big baskets overflowing with goodies, and they were mostly dissatisfied: 
So this year, we’re giving them less. Sound a little harsh? Maybe. But I guarantee they won’t find as many things to complain about. 
Here’s what they’re getting:
Each bucket contains a chocolate bunny (of course!), a small basket that came with a stuffed animal and a plastic egg full of jelly beans (it was more cost effective than buying just the plush), and a froggy bath toy. Well, all except Gabe’s, which just has a stuffed bunny and a frog. Plus, the buckets are super cute AND reusable!
Since Mommy just had a baby three weeks ago, there won’t be a fancy dinner. But we will have some special treats, like dark chocolate graham bunnies and strawberries, and corn on the cob (if last week’s purchase hasn’t gone bad already), and -if I’m up to it- tilapia fixed according to a Puerto Rican friend’s recipe. Mmmmmmmm!
All this stuff sounds nice, but what I’m most looking forward to are church – singing the old songs (our church usually sticks to contemporary worship) and watching the kids gather eggs – and relaxing at home with my awesome family as we reflect on the most wonderful gift that has ever been given: the bloodied cross and empty tomb that changed humanity forever.

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