Super Savings Saturday

I recently came across a website called Mamapedia. (Thanks, Guggie!) In addition to the standard parenting content, they offer “Sweet Deals,” which can save you 50% on all sorts of online shopping items. And who doesn’t love to save money? As an added bonus, they donate 5% of your purchase price to a local school of your choice.
What’s more, new customers get $2 off with the code MOMS2. And if you order by Sunday, April 24, 2011, you can get an extra 10% off by entering the code EASTER10 at checkout!  

Expires August 31, 2011
Expires August 31,2011


$20 for $40 Worth of Personalized Accents & Accessories from In This Very Room

Expires July 31, 2011


$10 for $20 of Award-Winning Music and Videos from

Expires July 31, 2011


$12 for $25 Worth of Personalized Labels & Murals from KiDECALS

Expires October 21, 2011.



$12 for $24 Worth of Eco-Friendly Reusable Bags from Re-Pac Bags

Expires October 25, 2011.

I took advantage of this week’s CafePress deal and got five bumper stickers: three pre-made and three custom (meaning I got to design them with the website’s super-easy software). The subtotal was a little over $28, but after applying my Sweet Deal code, I ended up spending only $13. Including shipping. Could have been less, if only someone had bothered to tell me about the Easter sale :-/

Note: I am not being reimbursed for this post in any way. However, if you sign up using one of my links, I will get a $10 credit at Sweet Deals. 


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