Fill In the Blank Friday

To join the fun, visit The Little Things We Do, then comment and let me know you did!
1.   The best deal I’ve ever gotten is  …I honestly don’t know. Last week I bought over $150 worth of groceries for $99, but there has to have been a deal better than that at some point! Wait. Duh. It was when I received forgiveness and a promise of eternity in paradise for the simple, low price of submitting to God’s love. Talk about a great deal!

2.  If I were hosting a dinner party and could invite people from my fantasy guest list it would include  no one. I don’t like dinner parties.

3.  Something that inspires me is  my kids. They amaze me daily (well, not ALL of them EVERY day, but you know, most of the time).

4.  If I could only choose to eat one flavor of food for the rest of eternity (sweet, salty, spicy, bitter….) I would have to go with   oh geez, I dunno. Couldn’t I choose death instead?

5.  I dream about   memories, mostly, though I have had a few pregnancy-induced nightmares of outlandish proportions.

6.  My weekend will be spent  having a baby, if I’m lucky! If not, I’ll be cleaning and cooking and spending time with the kiddos.

7.  If I could only  watch one movie or TV show for the rest of my life, it would be  incredibly boring and enough to drive me mad after a few episodes. Oh, you wanted a title? Something long and musical, like West Side Story or Annie (the 1982 version) or the Sound of Music. Or maybe Star Wars IV.


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