Fill In the Blank Friday

I realize I’ve missed the last couple of weeks, but this is my 3rd installment of:

To join the fun, visit The Little Things We Do, then comment and let me know you did!

1.   I am  me, like it or not. I show my true self to everyone, and I expect everyone to show their true selves to me. I just don’t do fake.

2.  The bravest thing I’ve ever done was tell my ex-husband, “No child-molester is going to take my kids.” Sure, I suffered physically for a little while after, but it was enough to FINALLY get him arrested.

3.  I feel prettiest when Alex looks at me with so much love in his eyes, even though it’s 5:30am and I haven’t yet washes yesterday’s spit-up out of my hair. (Okay, so the spit-up part hasn’t happened for a couple years, but it will again soon.)

4.  Something that keeps me awake at night is a five-pound baby boy dancing inside me.

5.  My favorite meal in the entire world is this tilapia dish I make with way too much butter, lime and latino spices, served with rice and cheese-covered spinach. Mmmmmmm!

6.  The way to my heart is making my kids smile.
7.  I would like to buy a house with a fenced-in yard and at least 5 bedrooms. It’ll happen someday.

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