31 Weeks 5 Days

That’s my excuse.
For this:
Chocolate pudding, corn chips and cranberry juice.
So what if I just ate a pudding cup for dessert 2 hours ago? Who cares if the sugar-free-ness of the pudding is undone by the high sugar content of the juice? I’m pregnant, trying to gain at least 9 more pounds before I deliver, and Gabriel told me he wanted it. How? By kicking my pancreas repeatedly until I gave in and started eating it. 
[And yes, that is a baby spoon sticking out of the bowl there. Because a smaller spoon makes the yummy stuff last longer, that’s why.]

2 thoughts on “31 Weeks 5 Days

  1. When I was pregnant, my babies had cravings for ice cream constantly! I just had to eat it by the bowlful. You know, for the baby. 😉

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