Cleaning Day

I have become that mother. You know, the one who uses video games to raise her children.

Every Saturday is cleaning day in our house. Usually it takes ALL DAY to get the kids to clean their rooms and pick up the dirty laundry, toys and books that they drop randomly around the house throughout the week. 

This morning, just like every other Saturday morning, Alex and I said, “Cleaning time!” To which the kids replied with their usual groans and moans and “I don’t wahnnas.” 

So I got creative. I jotted down a list of all the things they needed to pick up and put away…

…and told them that when their list was done, they could play the Wii.
 And guess what. The big boys were all finished in under an hour! Miraculous, right?

Of course, I did most of the picking up in Sam’s room cos, well, 2 yr olds just don’t clean well. And, of course, Vicki is still being the little princess in her room, refusing to even move her coat and boots from the floor to her closet. But hey, the big boys are done! Yay!

Video games are my new favorite parenting tool =D


3 thoughts on “Cleaning Day

  1. I'll stand with you. I am one of those mothers too. LOL My kids just lost all access to electronics AGAIN because they won't get their stuff done. They can have it back when they finally get their rooms clean.

  2. Flylady IS pretty helpful. Unfortunately, I can't do much of anything for the next couple of months. But I'm still amazed at how much difference a clean sink can make!

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