Back 2 Blogging Day 3: The ULL Revolution

A post I am particularly proud of is my essay on why we should all do away with “LOL” and replace it with “ULL.” It’s one of my favorites because, well, it was fun to write. And I have actually gotten a few friends to start using my wonderful new acronym, which serves as a nice pat on the back every time I hear it, too. It did not, however contain any pictures, so I’ll put one in before we get started on our little journey. A picture of my eldest after a marker gave him a terrible disease. Definitely worthy of “uh little laugh.” 
The ULL Revolution
I am a lover of words. Especially strange, rarely-used words. In sixth grade, when we were allowed to pick a new word to put on our spelling test one week, I chose antidisestablishmentarianism. (Even the blogger spell check doesn’t recognize this word, but it’s in Webster’s, I promise!)
I am also a hater of normalcy. This got me into a lot of social trouble early on, and is only now ironing out into almost-acceptance in most areas of my life. When everyone else was embracing the late-nineties styles, I was ridiculed for dressing like a hippie. When peasant dresses and flowery shirts came back in style, I started in on my goth/punk phase. When that came back, I embraced the preppy styles that had been popular while I was a hippie. (I must admit, however, that that was mainly because it’s all Walmart sells in plus sizes.)
Because of my love for words and my hatred of the norm, I decided back in high school to revive and reinvent a few phrases. Instead of “cool” I said “spiffy.” Instead of “bag” or “purse,” I said “sack.” When others said “that rules,” I said “that reigns!” As a young adult, I have also gotten some people around me started on saying “cool beans.”
Why? I don’t know. Because I can.
So today I invite you to embark on a new venture with me!
Ya know how we all write “lol” any time we see something even remotely funny online? If you’re like me, you even think it in real-life conversation, then get embarrassed when you almost let it slip. Well I want to change that.
I mean, let’s be honest here. How often do we actually “laugh out loud” or experience “lots of laughs” at a mildly funny facebook status message? I know that I, personally, don’t laugh much at all. Perhaps I should. (In fact, maybe I should make it a goal to laugh more.) But it takes something really funny to get me to LOL. And a joke’s gotta be absolutely high-larious to get a ROFL or a LMBO [my cleaned-up version of LMAO] out of me. And yet I type those things with an alarming frequency. For example:

What in the world does this even mean?! What could I have possibly found to “laugh out loud” about here?

I’ll tell you what: n-o-t-h-i-n-g.

lol has become a generic term used in place of “I’m not really sure what to say here, but I feel like commenting, so I’ll say ‘lol’ and hope nobody pays attention to how stupid it sounds.”
Does this make me a liar?
YES            NO
(circle one, lol)
So anywho, in an attempt to limit my unintentional lying and to see if my personality is bold enough to stretch across the interwebs universe, I propose that we begin a revolution!
For all those IMs, statuses, emails, posts, and comments that prompt us to let out a little chuckle or a small giggle, I’d like to suggest that we create a new acronym: ULL, or ull,  which stands for uh little laugh. Why the “uh” instead of “a,” you ask? Simple. Because “a-l-l” spells all, and that would be just a little confusing. Plus, it gets me singing that All laundry detergent jingle from the late 80s/early 90s: ♫Stain lifter, that’s All♫ And that makes me feel really, really old.
Here is my call to action. And if you’ve read this far, you might just be a crazy as I am. You’ve read it and now’s your chance to shine.

Who’s with me?


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