Back 2 Blogging: my first-ever blog post

Nov 2, 2009:  Getting Started

So I need to start writing. Not just to earn a few cents here and there, but because it’s therapeutic. And Lord knows I could use some therapy!

I am a mom. I am also a multiple-disability-sufferer who has yet to be legally labeled as such. My pride has not yet allowed me to apply for benefits, even though I wake up every morning wondering how I’m going to get out of bed – let alone think about getting a job. But how could I, really, with 4 kids who are too young to be at school and one in 1st grade? So I excuse myself from giving into the disability mumbo-jumbo for at least another couple of years.

And in the meantime, I think I’ll try and get healthy. I must admit, though, that after over 26 years of bad health, I’m not quite sure what “getting healthy” entails. Losing weight? Eating better? Exercising more? Getting more sleep? Whatever it is, I’m determined to figure it out within the next few weeks and get started on bettering myself. Cos, seriously, having 5 kids means I’m gonna have a quiver-full of grandbabies to enjoy in 20 or 30 years.

Yup, that was it. And now I’ll add this, just because:

3 thoughts on “Back 2 Blogging: my first-ever blog post

  1. Great introduction! I'm participating as well and it is so strange to read those first words I wrote as a blogger. Stopping by from SITS to say hello! Happy Tuesday!

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