Tired of Hiding

Ever since we got away from my abusive ex husband, we’ve been very secretive about our whereabouts. We’ve moved several times, lied about what county we’re in, switched schools and doctors, and I’ve even used fake names from time to time.

Now, it’s been two years since the police arrested him, and he was finally sentenced to 2-4 years in a state facility on April 27, 2010. That means I’ve got one year, eleven months, and 2 days until I should have to worry about my safety and that of my children, right?

So I’m done with hiding.

I’m done running scared.

I’m done with looking over my shoulder and falsifying papers to keep the trail clean.


And since I am here safely, I can now begin to introduce myself, to tell our story, and to work towards really using those six years of misery plus two years of fear to make a difference in this broken world. Or at least in the lives of a few broken women and children.

So stay tuned as I gradually embark on the painful journey of recounting our lives as victims of a violent man.

  Picture by Kiera Samantha, found on RAINN‘s photo album on facebook.


5 thoughts on “Tired of Hiding

  1. I got chills reading this. I really hope the ex stays in prison longer, or that by the time he gets out, he's lost track of any type of trail that would lead him to you.I'm glad you're taking back your life. I look forward to reading your story; knowing how hard it's going to be to read, I can't imagine how hard it will be for you to write. Hopefully it aids in your healing.

  2. I expect that we'll move again before he's up for parole. But we'll be legally protected either way, and hopefully he'll be smart enough not to try anything stupid.As for the writing, it will be a slow process, since I don't want to dedicate too much of my energy to reliving the past.It helps to know there are those out there who care. Thank you.

  3. Wow. How scary. I can't even imagine. I'm glad you get to breathe for awhile…Hopefully sharing your story will be both cathartic for you and also helpful and inspiring for other women in your situation.Over from SITS

  4. What courage you have and how liberated you must feel! Take a deep breathe, let your whole body expand, because you can now be here!Stopping by from SITShttp://mommamaybemad.blogspot.com/

  5. yikes- i had no idea that all that had happened to you. you and your kids are so brave and i'm glad that you're finally starting to feel comfortable again. what a horrible thing to happen to both you and your kids.

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