Tens – a Facebook Survey for the Bored


1. Are you missing someone right now?
Not really.
2. Are you happy?
For the most part.
3. Are you talking to anyone right now?
Only you, my beloved reader!
4. Are you bored?
Why else would I be wasting time on this silly survey?
5. Are you German?
6. Are you Irish?
7. Are you French?
8. Are you Italian?
9. Are your parents still married?
10. Do you like someone right now?
I like lotsa people. But if you’re asking about a crush-type like, then my answer is: GROW UP!
1. Store:
I hate shopping. But I suppose the Walmart Super Center saves me from having to go to more than one store.
2. Flowers:
3. Color:
Red, purple, pink, black, and green. But not necessarily in that order
4. Sport:
Scrabble. What? It’s not a sport? Well it should be!
5. Mall:
6. Music:
I’m not picky, as long as the talent is good and the lyrics aren’t too terrible.
7. Food:
Does coffee count as food? Just kidding. Spinach.
8. Season:
1. Hometown:
I don’t really have one, since we moved so much when I was little. But I was happiest in Colombia, so I’ll say Villavicencio.

2. Hair color:
Dark brown (almost black) with a dozen or so whites.
3. Do you have/want any tattoos?
I used to want a few, but I can’t get one because of my lymphedema.
4. Hair style:
At the momet? Still damp and unbrushed, kept out of my face with headphones.
5. Have you ever broken someone’s heart?
Yes. I’m sorry, David, Tyndale, Nam, and whoever else. I didn’t mean to, really!
6. Who’s your best friend?
7. Mood:
8. Skin color:
Peachy-whitish-yellowish-pink. With brown spots.
9. Relationship status:
Waiting to get a divorce from jerkface so I can marry my wonderful fiancé.
10. Lefty or righty?


One thought on “Tens – a Facebook Survey for the Bored

  1. Scrabble is totally my favorite sport, too! I like any sport where you only have to move one finger at a time.

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